May Business Spotlight

The law firm, now known as Galloway, Wiegers & Brinegar, P.A. (GWB), was created when Robert F. Galloway began practicing law in 1946 continuing until his death in 1986. Edward F. Wiegers joined the firm in 1957 and remained until his death in 2013. Their dedication and client centered focus serves as our firm’s legacy and the foundation upon which we operate today. Over the years, many great attorneys have practiced at the “Galloway Firm”; including, Judge Kim Cudney, Jon Snapp, Terry Blaser, Elizabeth Hiltgen, Rachel Zenger, Charles Bradley & Coleman Younger. In addition to these attorneys many others have passed on, including: Tom Kier, Mike Murphy, Richard Heeney and Keith Sprouse.

GWB is dedicated to providing quality legal services with dignity and compassion for clients throughout Northeast Kansas. The firm has grown to include offices in Marysville & Seneca. We provide legal services in the areas of family law, collections, business planning, estate planning, estate administration, real estate, and civil litigation, including personal injury. Currently, there are two attorneys practicing at GWB: Jason E. Brinegar & Andrew J. Lohmann, along with five support staff: Libby Brinegar, Liberty Price-Obley, Lisa Olberding, Samantha Crouse & Tommy Brinegar. Over the years, the Firm has been blessed with outstanding support staff, some who moved on to greener pastures and some who are no longer with us. GWB employees serve on many local boards and projects and are dedicated to making a positive difference in their communities. GWB embraces technology while valuing the creation of a personal relationship with their clients. They embrace a team approach and strive to deliver the best client experience possible. For more information or to follow the GWB community and legal posts go to or Facebook: Galloway Wiegers and Brinegar.

Help GWB celebrate their 75th Anniversary & Business After Hours event on May 20th at 5:00 PM!

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