June Business Spotlight

The Historic Union Pacific Depot

A last minute effort to save the Historic Union Pacific Depot proved to be a wise one for the citizens of Marysville. The Spanish style building was the centerpiece in Marysville during the era of passenger trains. Many celebrities, sports teams, politicians and military troops passed through and stopped in Marysville. Train travel enabled the American people to traverse the country in the trains of the Union Pacific…from this station, local citizens could embark upon fantastic journeys limited only by their imagination. Designed by renowned architect Gilbert Stanley Underwood, the Historic Depot was completed in 1929. Some of Underwood’s other works include Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone National Park, Bryce Canyon Lodge, Zion Canyon Lodge, Grand Canyon Lodge and Omaha’s Union Station. He designed only eight stations for the Union Pacific and Marysville was fortunate to have one of them. The mission of the Board of Directors of the Marysville U.P. Depot Historic Society is to bring this historic building back to its original beauty and to make it an event venue for the city. In addition, they wish the Historic Depot to “tell the story” of how Marysville was declared an official “Train Town USA” by the Union Pacific Railroad. The newly opened Archives Room and Baggage Room Museum takes visitors from Lincoln’s signing of the declaration of the Transcontinental Railroad, to the railroad coming into Kansas Territory, to the coming of the railroad to Marysville, the importance of the Topeka Cutoff and the building of the beautiful passenger depot. The Historic Depot will be a center for education and the Perez Reading Room a place where individuals and families can investigate their railroad heritage.

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